24K Miles & Fully Serviced: 1984 Ferrari 308 GTSI


The 308 has always been considered the bottom of the barrel for the Ferrari crowd, but in the recent few years the with the rise in the sports car market and especially the 12 cylinder Ferrari market, the 308 has been looked at in a whole new light as a real Ferrari and still an affordable one at that. This 1984 Ferrari 308 GTSI is described as being only a two owner car from new with just 24k original miles. The sellers says that the car comes with all of its original documents and accessories that came with the car when new including the complete tool kit, jack and spare, owner’s manual/Ferrari pouch, cover for the removable top, original window sticker, and original sales contract. The wheels are obviously aftermarket which does hurt it a bit for us, but if it is truly as described the price is very reasonable. It can be found here on craigslist in Bakersfield, CA for $68,500.



There is no mention to whether or not the paint and upholstery is original, but with 24k miles and being a California car, we would assume that the paint is original to the car, but it would really need an in person inspection. The upholstery looks to be original and in good condition. Although when you think of a Ferrari, you automatically think of red with tan, but the oddball colors are really what collectors are looking for. If this car were black, yellow or silver than we would be talking at least a 20% increase in value.


Even though these 308’s are a still a cheap way of getting into the Ferrari circle, they are still a Ferrari and they still are expensive to have serviced and the mid-engine design really does not help the situation with the 217 HP V8 mounting side to side rather than front to back, making almost all services very difficult and many times, engine out. Another downfall to this car is it is an injected car rather than a carbureted one, which isn’t bad, but if we had a choice the GTS without the “I” would be our preference and the carbureted cars have about 10 more horsepower than the cars with the injected units.



This particular 308 had a full engine out service performed recently in 2016 which is great and to add to the appeal to this car, it has a clean title and a clean Carfax. Some of these 308’s have been hitting 6 figures lately, while this car in our opinion is not worth 6 figures by any means, but at this price and this condition it is certainly worth taking a look.

The owner has reached out to us and would like to list his contact info


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