Completely Restored and No Reserve: 1963 BMW 700 Coupe

There aren’t many super great cars for sale on the open market today, but there are a few fun cars that are really worth the money. A few years ago the microcar craze hit the car hobby and since then these miniature cars have been extremely popular. Cars such as the Messerschmitt’s, BMW Isettas, Autobianchis, Crosleys among many others. But among the more out of the ordinary microcars is the BMW 700. Produced from 1959 through 1965 the BMW 700 was a pretty big success for BMW. The original design was even designed by the great automotive designer Giovanni Michelotti who worked for coachbuilders, including Stabilimenti Farina, Vignale and Carrozzeria Allemano, and contributed to marques such as Ferrari, Maserati and Lancia.


This subject car, a 1963 700 Coupe that was imported from Holland and looks to be a very nice example finished in a light blue with a dark blue interior and grey carpets. The seller has provided photos of the car before, during and after its restoration showing the extent of which the restoration was done and it has really been taken apart. They rebuilt the engine and transmission as well as the entire suspension. The entire body was overhauled as can be seen. According to the seller it does still retain its original engine which is a plus. We like the colors along with the bumper delete look, it looks a lot lighter this way and gives it that GT look. It even comes with a modern retro radio and sound system which is great as it doesn’t obstruct the original look of the interior. To top it all off the seller installed 5.5 x 13 inch wheels and tires from a BMW 2002 Tii which completely changes the look and stance of the car, and for the better. Literally 100% of the car has been restored. Overall for the amount of work, time and money that has been put into this fun little car, it is worth the $11,400 that it is currently bid for sure. It can be found here on Ebay with no reserve.  Photos courtesy of eBay

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