Black and Brass: 1914 Model T Ford Roadster

Not all great cars are extremely expensive, and expensive doesn’t always mean a car is really good. The greatest car that someone can buy that is really affordable is a Model T Ford. While the Model T is not the most significant and not Pebble Beach worthy, they are a lot of fun. Anyone can quickly learn how to drive one and work on one and all the parts, accept for certain hard to find early car (1909-1912) parts, are all made accessible and new. The brass era model T’s, pre-1915, are especially a lot of fun because they are eligible for all Horseless Carriage Club of America events so you are able to take them on tours and they are certainly the most reliable. Why are Model T’s so affordable? because they made 15 million of them so there are still lots of model T’s to be had. With that being said the older the Model T, for the most part, the more expensive they get. The 1909 cars, especially the two lever variant, are extremely hard to find , and if a two lever were to come to market, I can see it hitting six figures. Then you have your 1911 Torpedo’s which are the sportiest and also can get pricy.

The subject car is a 1914 model roadster that looks to be a very nice car. Over the years many model T’s were used a lot and parts from later cars were interchangeable with the earlier cars so they tended to get replaced or switched around as they were used. This 1914 looks to be very correct from the one picture that is provided by the seller. All of the black and brass lamps, carbide generator and horn are correct, the windshield and hardware is correct, the round fellow wheels are correct as is the front axle. We can’t see if it has the riveted type rear end, or if the motor is actually an original 1914 engine, but overall it looks like a very correct and very good car. Although it has been sitting these T’s are really easy to get running and this car can be started and driven with an afternoons worth of work. The restoration also looks to be well done with nice paint and correct upholstery and top. It can be found here on craigslist in Portland, CT for $16,500 and if the engine and rear are correct, the $16,500 is a very good price.

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