Lean, Mean and One of 60: A 2,400 original mile 1965 TVR Griffith MK1

Most British car lovers know what a TVR is, but the TVR Griffith is much less well known. A Ford dealer on the east coast by the name of Jack Griffith was the creator of the Griffith. He apparently challenged Carol Shelby at a dinner that he could make a car better than the AC Cobra. So he stuffed a Ford V8 into a modified TVR Grantura chassis and it worked, the TVR Griffith was born. With a top speed of 150 MPH and a 0-60 time of just 3.8 seconds, the Griffith was nothing short of a hotrod. These were a very shortly produced car so very few were made, around 60, so when they come up for sale it’s a very rare sighting, especially a car that has not been modified.

The subject car is a 1965 MK1 that has just 2,400 original miles on it which is incredible. The seller says that the car was purchased new and drag raced for the first couple of years of its life and then mothballed and stored away for 51 years. The original color was light blue according to the seller and was repainted by the original owner by the original dealer. That’s too bad, but we don’t believe that to have any effect on the cars value. These cars also have a 4 speed toploader transmission which makes for a lot of fun when driving. This particular car also has the 289 engine with the optional high horsepower of 271 HP which has really got to move this very light car down the road. One thing to really look out for when purchasing one of these cars is the rust issues that they have. They are made of fiberglass, but have a steel tubular frame within the fiberglass body which makes for a lot of work if in fact it does have any hidden rust, so a good examination of the car would be a good idea. From the photos and video the car does look pretty solid and pretty original though. With having good provenance, it would have been cool to see some photos of the car on the drag strip in the 1960’s. Overall this is a really neat and original TVR Griffith MK1 that would really do the trick if you were looking for one of these. They also make for a great substitute for an original AC Cobra. It can be found here on Ebay with a high bid of $100,000 with 3 days to go and reserve not met. We believe because this car is so original and unmolested paired with the fact that these almost never come to market, at least publically, we think this car is worth $125,000 realistically, but we will find out. Let us know what you think!

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