Photo of the Week: 1928 Stutz Blackhawk Special

For this week’s featured photo we have a picture of the famous Frank Lockhart Stutz Special. For those of you who don’t know who Frank Lockhart was, he was a young engineer and race car driver in the 1920’s from California who came to the lime light when he won the 1926 Indianapolis 500 as a rookie. After that his driving career took off when he was recruited by Stutz to head their racing team. In between Lockhart made speed record attempts at the Muroc dry lakes and believed he could capture the land speed record in a lighter and more aerodynamic car than what had been previously used. This brings us to the car in our photo of the week. Featured is the Stutz Blackhawk special of which Lockhart designed himself featuring lightweight aluminum body panels, and a Miller V-16 engine. On Lockhart’s second land speed record attempt in 1928 in this car, at 225 MPH, he blew a tire and the car was sent barreling through the air and he was thrown out of the car to his death. The engine from this car was salvaged used later in a few different cars and it now resides in a special in a private collection. The rest of the cars remains were sent back to Stutz, but what came of the car no one knows.

Let us know what you think of this photo!

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