Ask the Man Who Owns One: Fresh estate find 1930 Packard 740 Phaeton

If you have never driven a Super 8 Packard, than this is your chance. The 1930 model year for Packard was one of, if not, the best year. In 1930 Packard had an amazing lineup with the 740, 745 and the 734 Speedsters gracing their showrooms. The super eight cars, so the 740 (140 inch wheel base super eight) and the 745 (145 inch wheel base super eight) both had the 102 Horsepower straight eight engine that was just perfect. They have a lot of power and the chassis design was wonderful, so they handle and drive really nicely, seriously just ask the man who owns one. Our favorite part of these cars here at Driven is the second gear whine that is unique to the super eight Packards of this era, and especially the Super Eight headlights (which were used from 1930 – 1932) being some of the most beautiful classic era headlights ever to be offered, so cool.


This particular 1930 740 Phaeton looks to be a really nice car with a pretty nice restoration. The seller says that the car had just come out of an estate in Pennsylvania where it had been owned by the same guy for a long period of time, which does make it a bit more appealing because it was most likely well cared for and didn’t change hands and get monkeyed  around with. dscn7951The paint and upholstery look really nice and the colors look really good on the car as well. We would have never thought that the red upholstery would have worked with the colors of the car, but it really looks good. The engine looks clean, the manifolds look like they are painted as the porcelain is probably chipped which is a common occurrence. All of the details look to be correct with proper hardware, knob, carburetor, original sliding boy hood ornament, proper hubcaps etc..Overall the car looks very nice and it would definitely be worth owning. It can be found here on Hemmings website with no price listed, but we believe this car to be worth around $200,000.

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