French and Italian, what else could you ask for? A 1952 Simca 8 Sport Project

Here is an interesting car that showed up on our radar today, a 1952 Simca 8 Sport convertible. For those of you have never heard of Simca, it’s basically a French Fiat that started life in the 1930’s and lasted until the early 1960’s. At one time, in the post war era, Simca was the largest auto manufacturer in France. These cars are really neat and interesting at the same time because they have a Fiat 1100 drivetrain, which is a great engine, but they also sport coachwork by Stabilimenti Farina. They look almost identical to a Cisitalia 202, and the engine is the same size! So you basically get a Cisitalia without the Cisitalia part which is just fine with us, since a Cisitalia 202 is worth about 4 or 5 times what a restored Simca 8 Sport convertible is worth and you really are not getting anything more.



This particular example is definitely a project, but a project that is definitely worthwhile. The body looks to have been painted somewhat recently and it looks pretty good in the photos. The bright red is a little out there, but not terrible. The underside looks to be very original with the original undercoating still intact and no signs of having been a rough car. According to the owner, it seems as though the car is mostly complete with enough, maybe extra parts to finish it off. Another plus, is the 1100cc engine was rebuilt “professionally” in 2002. So if the car is described accurately it could be thrown together with not much of a large effort.  The fact that this car has been owned by the same owner for the past 25 years and off the road since 1962 makes it more appealing to us here at Driven, showing it hasn’t been monkeyed around with by multiple people for at least the past three decades. It can be found here on Ebay with a high bid of $12,600 with reserve not met. We believe this car should bring around $15K-$20k. Let us know what you think!

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