Brass, Gas and Freshly Rebuilt: 1909 Mitchel Model K Touring

Everyone in the collector car world is currently infatuated with post war sports cars. Ferrari after Maserati after Porsche are coming up for auction at the big auctions and they have been for the past 7 or 8 years. For example take a look at the Gooding and Company sale coming up next week at the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance. They have huge amounts of post-war sports cars and a lot of modern sports cars (for example: 2015 McLaren P1). Now this is not bad, but there is a lot of this stuff and most of it is really nothing really significant. Prewar cars are not being focused on and now is the time to buy the great ones before that market snaps back, and it is showing some signs of doing so.

With that being said, we found a nice brass car that would certainly be great fun and a fine investment: a 1909 Mitchel Model K Touring. The upside to this car is it is a 1911 and has an overhead valve engine and especially the fact that everything looks pretty original, body, fenders, chassis etc. Mitchell is also a pretty well built, good quality car. The downfall to this car is it’s a 30 horsepower car. Remember, when it comes to brass cars, what matters is name, size, horsepower and quality. This car has the name, but its only 30 HP and the Model K has only a 105 inch wheelbase which is a smaller size, but it is a good quality car. This particular car has a nice older restoration and it looks correctly done with proper diamond tufted seats and ok paint. A great plus to this car is, according to the seller, the engine was completely rebuilt. The Solar side lamps and headlamps are correct as well which is great to see and they don’t look to have cracks or dents. The seller should add more photos so any interested buyers can really have a better idea of the condition, but overall it looks like a very good original car. Taking into consideration the size, condition, horsepower and name of this car, we believe this car should realistically bring around $45,000 – $50,000. If it was a larger size, such as a 1910 Model S which is 50 horsepower 6 cylinder with a 130 inch wheelbase, it would be much more in value, but this 1909 model K is a good car for what it’s worth and it is a great way to get into a brass car. It can be found here on Ebay with a high bid of $35,100 with reserve not met.

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