Supercharged and Ready to Go: 1941 Graham Hollywood

Today we’ve found an interesting car offered for sale: a 1941 Graham Hollywood. Graham was a company that began making cars in 1927 when the Graham brothers purchased the Paige Motorcar Company of Detroit who also produced the Jewett. Graham made some interesting cars through its years of existence, most notably its shark nose designed cars and of course the Hollywood. In 1938 Graham made a deal with the Hupmobile Motorcar Company which was in very large decline at the time. Hupmobile was creating a new model called the Skylark that was based off of the design of the 810 and 812 Cord body designs, but they didn’t have the money to produce them so they made a deal with Graham to produce the Skylark for them, but at the same time gave Graham the rights to produce its own version called the Hollywood. s-l1600The Hollywood was interesting because again it used the same body as the Cord 810’s and 812’s, but mechanically it was all a Graham design. The Cords were front wheel drive, Grahams were rear wheel drive and the Cord was an 8 cylinder car as opposed to the Graham which is a 6 cylinder car. Both cars were available with a supercharger and Grahams had a very interesting centrifugal supercharger that was shaft driven off of the camshaft and it worked well. After owning one and driving one personally, we believe these cars are very good for what they are worth. s-l1600 (1)A supercharged Cord 810 or 812 Westchester sedan is going to cost you at least somewhere in the $65,000 – $75,000 range, so a great alternative to the Cord would be a supercharged Graham Hollywood because they are usually much cheaper. This particular car that is being offered for sale looks to be a super nice example with very nice paint, upholstery and bright work. And if you were wondering if that cloth material is correct for the upholstery, it is. A huge plus to this car is that it was formerly owned and restored by the former president of the National Graham Owners International and it is an AACA senior award winner which is also great. It also has all of the correct gauges and trim which are all very hard to find. The car overall is superb and it can be found here on Ebay in Medford, New Jersey with a current high bid of $45,100 with reserve not met and only 1 day and 20 hours to go. The auction is starting to reach the ceiling of which these Hollywoods usually reach, but the beautiful condition and correctness of this car should help it achieve $50,000 in our opinion. Let us know what you think!

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