Another Barn Find for the books: Split Window Bugs, PrewarBMW’s, Porsches and more!

Today, surfing around the web we came across an interesting story that was originally posted on which is a forum for vintage Volkswagens. Someone in Kansas has discovered a barn full of vintage Split Window VW beetles and along with them were some other pretty neat cars. Looks to be two prewar 315 BMW’s, a 356 Porsche speedster, at least 5 split window VW bugs, and two 1932 Ford coupes, one 3 window and the other looking like a 5 window.1624739

Nothing over the top in terms of significance, but still pretty neat. Scrolling through the Samba post about the find it seems as though no one really knows who’s actually selling the cars. If you can find who’s actually selling the cars I would snag the two little BMW’s over anything else. While the split window bugs are very cool, they are just VW beetles.

1624740The BMW’s are Mille Miglia eligible. I would also try and grab that 3 window Ford. Barn finds are always mesmerizing because the cars have been sitting there for decades and this small find is very interesting indeed. It can be found here on with really no information in terms of who’s selling the cars or information of what they want for them. Let us know what you think!  


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